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We provide a wide range of care packages to suit all needs; here are some of our most popular:

  • Pregnancy Care Package

    We offer specially designed care packages for pregnant mums-to-be at Aligned Health Care.   Treatment is extremely gentle (especially in the first trimester), and Daisy uses specific techniques to encourage realignment of your lower back and pelvis as well as increase the space that the baby has to move around in, encouraging your baby to resettle in the ideal in-utero position. Read more…

  • Maintenance Care Package

    There is good evidence that for chronic low back pain, maintenance spinal manipulation after the initial intensive manipulative therapy results in fewer re-occurrences of pain over a 12 month period.  Our maintenance care package can do just that. Chiropractors have been saying this or years, but now medical trials support this form of care. Read more… Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Many of our patients choose to continue their care beyond the point where finish their initial treatment. The logic is that by maintaining the function of your spine there is less risk of it problem recurring.

Even after completing your chiropractic care to restore function, and reducing or eliminating your pain, as time goes by it is likely that some spine tension will occur through permanent spine damage, wear and tear, poor seating, bad postural habits, stress, accidents, trips and falls – all of which are part of day to day life.

How do chiropractic maintenance care packages decreasing the chances of your pain recurring and do regular care packages have any other benefits? Is this medically proven? What is the recommended frequency for these care packages?


Maintenance Care Packages – Treatment when I’m not in pain?
There is good evidence from a recent well designed medical trial (Senna and Machaly, Spine 2011) that for chronic low back pain, “maintenance spinal manipulation after the initial intensive manipulative therapy” results in fewer re-occurrences of pain over a 12 month period and also higher patient satisfaction with regard to the care that they have received. Chiropractors have been saying this or years, but now medical trials support this form of care.

The old adage “Prevention is better than cure” is proven true again.

What is the ideal chiropractic maintenance treatment frequency?

The patients who tend to do best are the people who complete their initial chiropractic care package aimed at getting them out of pain, sort the problems where possible and re-balance the body through exercises and simple lifestyle and habit changes. Consequently most of them will quite happily go two to three months between visits. Some may need a bit more and others get away with a bit less.

In short it all depends on the individual patient but if you stop your treatment altogether and wait until your symptoms come back you may have to start all over again and the likelihood of a successful outcome may be reduced.

Common problems which often cause people to require more frequent maintenance care packages are:

  • Normal wear and tear through an accidents, high or repetitive physical load, or age related
  • Where pain has become chronic (lasting 6 weeks or more) before starting appropriate chiropractic treatment
  • High demands put on your body – physically, mentally or chemically
  • Excess postural stress often caused by prolonged sitting or standing without regular breaks
  • Old injuries from sport, falls and accidents
  • Birth defects and abnormalities

So if you do decide that chiropractic is for you then you can do yourself a favour by completing the initial corrective treatment, and then continuing your maintenance care package as recommended rather than waiting for another major recurrence which can often need a lot of treatment over a short period of time.

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