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What will treatment cost?

While your treatment costs with us are similar to other Clinics, our service is not. Your care with us will be tailored to your specific needs. Your good health and well-being when you join us as patients and afterwards is our motivation. All our patients are equally important, new and old.

 Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Full medical Consultation, Examination, Initial Diagnosis, Care Plan and 1st Treatment (where appropriate) £60
Chiropractic and Acupuncture follow-on treatments £37
Shock Wave Therapy Course (full course of 5 treatments,  includes Shock Wave specific consultation as required)

Shock Wave combined with Chiropractic treatment


                  £20 per appointment supplement

Pre-paid 6 Appointment Care Plan with 20% discount  (£44 off)

No time limit and No-quibble refund at normal rates. Please ask for policy details.

£ 222

 discounted  to – £ 178



10% Discount Concession available for:

Citizens (over 65)           Veterans and serving members of Armed Forces

NHS staff           Students          Under 16’s.

(excludes Prepaid Care Plan and Shock Wave Course)          Please ask for these to be applied.

Annual Treatment Plan and Employer WorkplacePlan

We can offer an easy payment Annual Treatment Plan providing excellent value for your chiropractic care.

We can offer Workplace Care Packages. If you are and employer and interested in providing chiropractic care as a staff benefit please get in touch. If you are an employee, why not ask your employer to consider offering this benefit?

Please ask for details.


You may be unsure if we can help you or treat the cause of your pain. If this is the case, please call us and we will try to answer any questions.

How many treatments will I need ?

This will depend on your diagnosis, treatment given and how you respond. Generally chiropractic patients will need 6-8 treatments to get through the acute phase, however your age, type of condition and how long you have had the condition are common factors that affect speed of recovery. Depending on your needs you may be referred to our in-house Massage Therapist for support in your recovery and/or to prevent recurrence. Many patients choose to continue under periodic maintenance/preventative treatments much as in the same way you have dental check-ups. (See Maintenance Care for further detail). Shock Wave and Acupuncture therapies are usually delivered in a set number of treatments. Your chiropractor will discuss this with you during your consultation.

In the event that we feel cannot improve your condition we will advise you and discuss other options you may have.

Payment is expected at each appointment and can be made by card or cash.

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COVID Information

We are permitted to remain open during all levels Covid Restrictions. Travel Restrictions do not apply between areas for health care appointments. We will continue to apply all measures to patients and staff at the clinic. If you have any questions please contact us.