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Chiropractic care in pregnancy

chiropractic care in pregnancy

Daisy treats lots of pregnant mums-to-be at Aligned Health Care.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is extremely gentle (especially in the first trimester), and Daisy uses specific techniques to encourage realignment of your lower back and pelvis as well as increase the space that the baby has to move around in, encouraging your baby to resettle in the ideal in-utero position. Acupuncture is frequently used to help stimulate the onset of labour on overdue mums with considerable success.

Chiropractic care after pregnancy can be beneficial for the new post-partum mothers to assess any structural changes that may have occurred during the labour, and/or delivery.  Treatment is aimed at encouraging an easier delivery for both you and your baby.

Because pregnant and new mums are often reluctant to take any over-the-counter pain relief or medication, they often turn to chiropractic care in pregnancy to help alleviate pains associated with pregnancy.  In addition, we can also offer lifestyle advice (especially postural, nutritional and exercise advice) specific to the expectant mother. Daisy has undertaken special postgraduate training in treating pregnant women, in addition to the five years training taken when qualifying as a Chiropractor.

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