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lower back painWhat is lower back pain?

A huge number of people who come to us at Aligned Health Care complain of lower back pain. The pain can be a constant, dull ache whereas for other people it can come on quickly and be extremely debilitating.

What is the cause of lower back pain?

Your spine and back are made up of such delicate and complicated structure of muscles, bones, joints and nerves, so it’s no wonder that it can sometimes malfunction. Most back pain appears as a result of minor strains and pinched or irritated nerves. These problems usually result from postural problems such as sitting for long periods of time, hunching or slouching, bending awkwardly for long periods of time or lifting and carrying incorrectly.

Symptoms of lower back pain?

The severity of back pain can vary hugely from person to person, with some experiencing a dull ache in the small of their back, while for others it can lead to excruciating pain and lack of mobility.

The symptoms of lower back pain can come on suddenly after lifting something heavy or a slip or fall. For some people it develops gradually as a result of poor posture or repeated strain.

Solution for lower back pain?

If you are suffering from lower back pain, talk to one of our chiropractors and we will work with you to investigate the source of the pain before recommending a course of treatment tailored specifically to yoy.

Through gentle manipulation we can realign your spine, relieving strain from different parts of the back, reducing pain and improving mobility.

We will then focus on the best ways for you to avoid lower back pain in the future.

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