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Can chiropractic help knee pain?

chiropractic help knee pain

Can chiropractic help knee pain?

Everyone knows that back pain affects up to 6 million people every year but did you know that a third of all GP visits in the UK are as a result of knee pain?

The fact that knee pain is so common is due to the fact that our knees are our most heavily used joints. Don’t ignore knee pain because, if it goes untreated, it can become extremely debilitating.

How can chiropractic help knee pain?

Our chiropractors will firstly try to diagnose the cause of the knee pain. Whether it is ligament problems or osteoarthritis, we will be able to find the root cause.

Although osteoarthritis is incurable, chiropractic treatment can help alleviate sufferers by improving mobility in the joint.

Can chiropractic help osteoarthritis?

Chiropractors are trained to alleviate joint problems despite underlying conditions. With cases of osteoarthritis and rheumatism, we can help improve the range of motion by realigning the affected joints where possible. So chiropractors can definitely play a significant role in managing long term conditions.

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