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Shock Wave Therapy proves very successful at Aligned Health Care

This time last year, after extensive research, the clinic introduced Shockwave Therapy  (ESWT) for treatment of musculoskeletal issues. Since then over 100 patients have experienced the impressive benefits it offers, often recommending other friends and family for treatment. A good number of patients have been able to avoid imminent surgery or cortisone injections for frozen shoulders, rotator cuff injuries and tendon tears. We have rapidly reduced plantar fasciitis pain for many patients and sped up recovery for tennis and golfers elbow injuries.

While Shockwave has proved to be particularily successful in treating chronic problems of the feet, elbows and shoulders, it is popular with runners and athletes to improve recovery times and tightness in hamstrings and quad muscle groups. Shock Wave relieves pain, increases mobility and function while reducing normal recovery times to at least half of what it would be otherwise. It is virtually painless and has no adverse side effects.

If you or anyone you know has recurring or chronic problems of the shoulder, elbows feet ot other joints, help them recover quicker and suggest they call us to see if Shock Wave can help.

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