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Chiropractic thought – Adjusting a Chair


How many hours in a day do you sit?


Believe it or not, your body is not designed to sit down for long periods, especially bent over a keyboard. Current chiropractic research is finding more and more evidence that sitting for long periods is much more detrimental to health than was ever imagined. Many of us can’t avoid sitting for much of our working day however there are things you can do to greatly reduce the effects. Sitting in a good posture is high on the list. If you spend a good portion of your day sitting, your chair is the main support for your body. The key to adjusting your chair is to position your body in a posture where the body is well supported and comfortable. By removing potential causes of your pain you open the doors to a lifetime of reduced pain.

Evaluate your chair by checking for the following:

  1. Is the seat height easily adjustable?
  2. Does the back rest have an adjustable lumbar support? (Either the entire back rest may adjust in height or a mechanism inside the back rest may adjust.)
  3. If you are sitting and keying 4 or more hours per day, do you have armrests that can support your arms?

There are many adjustments available on chairs but the three most critical are the seat height, the lumbar support and the arm rests.

If your chair is missing any of these features, you may need to contact your manager to see about getting a different chair. It is important to adjust your chair to fit you and not just use what is available.

For further advice on chair selection, posture or help with pain related to workstation you can call Aligned Health Care in Ayr on 01292737390 or find us at

Look out for a post next week when we will give some great tips on how to adjust your chair to ensure you are sitting as best you can and avoid negative health effects.


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