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Working at a computer?

Modern day living means that many more of us are spending large parts of our day using a computer. Whatever our stage of life, we all need our screens for work, play and keeping in touch with our friends and relatives whether by email or on social media.

Since good posture is so important for health, we gave some chiropractic based tips for how to adjust your chair a little while ago and now we’re extending our advice to your posture when using a computer.

The problem is that whilst we are concentrating on the screen, we don’t often think about our posture and the fact that it could be harming our spine. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re using a computer. Try and think about how you’re positioned and protect your back:

  1. Don’t forget to take the time to adjust your chair, particularly if you’re ‘hot desking’ and share your work space
  2. Make sure there is nothing under the desk or table and nothing restricting your leg room
  3. As you sit down, relax into your chair, check that your bottom is against the back of the seat and your shoulder blades touch the back of the chair
  4. Your arms should be flat and your elbows level with the work surface. Where possible, choose a seat with arm rests
  5. It is very important to take regular breaks from the screen. Try to limit your sessions and don’t sit at the computer for more than 40 minutes if at all possible. Get up and get a glass of water or just walk round your office for a while.
  6. During your screen break, stretch your limbs and be conscious of moving your body as much as you can (without looking too weird to your colleagues!)

It’s all common sense but it’s too easy to forget when you’re concentrating on the screen in fron tof you. Next time you log on, take a minute to think about your posture and protect your spine.

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